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IEC PAS 63313-2021 pdf Position statement on germicidal UV-C irradiation UV-C safety guidelines

IEC standards 11-29
IEC PAS 63313-2021 pdf Position statement on germicidal UV-C irradiation UV-C safety guidelines

Environments in which a high ozone concentration is expected should be marked with an additional safety label that summarises the emergency overview, the safeguards, first aid procedures, fire procedures and spill procedures. An example of such a warning label is given in Appendix B. If the size or design of the UV-C device makes marking impractical, the marking should be included in the packaging and with appropriate web-based links. Other regional required or accepted colour schemes may be utilized.
5.4 Instructional training Containment Safeguards 6 should be provided with instructional training (e.g. instructional manual or video) which includes all relevant elements of the installation instructions and user manual as defined in section 5.3. 6 Compliance Compliance is determined by evaluation of the installation instructions and user manual, by inspection and by measurements 7 . 7 Terms and definitions 8 Closed Enclosure Enclosures which completely enclose the hazardous UV-C irradiance. A Closed Enclosure which can be opened by an ordinary person without tools and which would expose this person to a UV-C risk group should be equipped with an automatic shut-off switch. Containment Safeguard Cabinets or Controlled Access Locations , not being a physical part of the equipment, which block physical access to the UV-C device while it is operating or prevent the device from operating when it is physically accessible. Controlled Access Location An area where an engineering and/or administrative control measure is established to prevent access during UV-C operation. Equipment Safeguard Closed Enclosure, Partially Open Enclosure and/or Presence Detection System that are a physical part of the equipment. Instructional Safeguard Details on the Instructional Safeguard are given in section 5.
Partially Open Enclosure Enclosure which partially encloses hazardous UV-C irradiance . Partially Open Enclosures should have a defined installation position and defined mounting properties based on the effective UV-C irradiance distribution as defined in section 3.2. Properly installed Partially Open Enclosures protect occupants of a space during their normal activity while irradiating unoccupied portions of a space. An example application is upper-room air disinfection. Personal Safeguard Personal protective equipment that is worn on the body and that reduces exposure to the UV-C device. Examples are shields, goggles, gloves, aprons, dose-meters, face masks and breathing apparatus. The UV-C personal safeguard normally complies with section 7.4. of IEC 62368-1 [3]. Presence Detection System A system of sensors and controls which detects the presence of people. A single motion detection sensor is not a presence detection system. A risk assessment should be performed on the system of sensors and controls to determine if it qualifies as an Equipment Safeguard . Skilled person A person with relevant education or experience to enable him or her to identify hazards and take appropriate actions to reduce risk of injury to themselves and others.